She does, the other one too

I cannot tell you

How much it hurt

To know that im just here

The nice, patient, and forgiving one

Im just there


Why? Oh why do you try so hard?

I told you already 

Happiness is not top priority

You are, she is, and the other one too


I know my place

Do not try

It hurts to know that your care

Is painful to bear


Im not used to people caring so much

Im not used to people doing nice things

All for me

But you...your different

I dont deserve your tender care

She does, the other one too


It hurts to know im writing this

This pen scratching across the pages

My stomach fills with guilty butterflies

My heart contracting in fear of what it will do


What you told me hurts...

What ive seen...hurts...

And what do i do?

I sit, forever patient, and watch

It may not be me your happy with

Though i wish it were

But im glad to see you happy

No matter how much it hurts


Dont worry

Im ok

The sweet, patient, and forgiving girl

Whos hurting everyday

Is right here waiting for you 


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