Hi... yea im here

Im alive but not.

Im dead inside

Crushed and morphed into a new angel


Too sweet, too kind

Is there such a thing as being too nice?

Such a thing as being too forgiving?

I...i guess


I want to tell you 

But i have to be nice and hold back

It hurts not just holding back

But evrything i cant tell you



Im sorry but im glad your trying something...

Something new

Like making me happy here 



But thats now?

Now you try? 

Im sorry sorry

You just realized something and it hurt

Sorry forgive me


Stop worrying about me and my happiness

Just deal with her

I suck at talking so go talk to her for


Im just not that person


Sorry sorry

This isnt helping

It failed

Why r u doing this?

Im not used to help like that





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