A Dream Subdued

The dim light of a candles wick

The murdered roses with out the prick

The smell of oils and lube

With knots of rope, you've been subdued

Looking out the window at the purple filled sky

You're close to Heaven, you can't even lie

With each rise of your Chest, your heart keeps falling

You're silently begging, you hope you're not appalling

You close your eyes and bite your lip

The ecctasy is more than a drug induced trip

As he firmly caresses

His feelings he supresses

He runs his tongue up your thigh

You grip the sheets and let out a sigh

You can feel the warmth of his breath across your clit

You arch your back as you feel his spit

You can't control your breathing, its became erattic

With every graze of his lips and tongue, you become more dramatic

The anticipation is driving you crazy

Your intent is no longer hazy

You feel his hands move to your breasts

Please no, no time for rest

He moves up, kissing slowly

Opening your eyes and moaning lowly

Waiting to erupt just like a Phoenix

With every stroke of his rather large penis

He cuts your ropes and releases your holds

You've been a good girl and did what you were told

You bite his neck and claw his back

The room is dark and the night is black

With the climax coming near

You let go of all you fear

Is this a dream or is it true

You want nothing more than to be subdued


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