Black And White Rainbow

Im sitting here in my mind of thoughts. Living in a non reality with a heart that clots. Where everything is not how it should be. There is a black and white rainbow eveyone can always see. Death is how you live your life. Being born is like suicide. No one wants happiness, but instead they want suffering and strife. In this world no one wants to hide. Hurting everything you've ever came into contact with is the only thing you have tried. Hate is love. Love is only a feeling used to describe your morbid insides. Nothing dwells below or rises above. In your heart is the only place where darkness subsides. No angels to save your souls. No demons nor ghouls. So here in this sky crimson and grey. Here in this mind of that black and white rainbow. Reality is only what you make it and say. But this is a reality my friend you may never know.

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