Our Dying Day

Tattered! Torn! Beaten! Broken! No doubt this is our dying day. Shattered! Battered! Lost! Forgotten! This life molds us in grey. Death has become us. The walking dead of lust. Pouring out our souls. Praying that we are saved. But life has turned us into ghouls. Over our hopes and dreams are paved. Into darkness we have went. Into the light we have tried. But shadows still remain in repent. This is the day we died. For those who still live they live in remorse. For they are still alive and that is much worse. And so it goes. Life into the afterlife. Death into darkness. Its no more than strife. Yet we thought we were far from this. Our dying day has passed and life repeats its self once again. Tattered. Torn. Beaten and broken.

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