Boat Of Forgotton Pains

Tear drops staining thoughts of our history. What we lost, what we gained so naturally. Fears we stray. Tears we fray. Only now we do though. Feelings we do not speak, but actions we show. Wanting to forget the past. Looking for your future of everlast. All we find is fear: even in happiness. For you fear the loss of happiness in this. But life we must continue on. Soon enough it is to be gone. All is lost when you lose your all. We're only given little time to stand up from a fall. But a hand there will be to help stand again. Just take the hand: you'll know when. Just try to smile and remember you cannot fail. I won't let that happen so let your fear sail. On a boat of forgotten nightmares and pains we once held. Now lost in our past for that boat has finally sailed.

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