Nothing Else Matters

Im coated in darkness. No shadows to show. Faded so far from bliss. Theres only pain to grow. In memroies I have smiled, but not anymore. In their eyes I am no longer a child, but the past still makes me sore. Lost in seranade the melody continues on. Note by note, word by word. In this heart its not nearly gone. Stained on my love for you I memorize every chord. Peieced together to form a masterpiece from all that it shatters. Blood drops and tear drops for nothing else matters.

Your love formed a musical in my heart. It plays an unforgettable beat. A beat in which is like no other art. For it is the beat of your heart that forms the sheet. Tear drops dripping. Fingers curled gripping. The weakness is giving through. Almost cracked, but never broken. Your voice has painted over everything I knew. Every last harmonic word sung and spoken. You've given me foot stools when I needed ladders. When falling in love nothing else matters.

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