Voices In My Head

Voices in my head tell me im unwell. Hiding in my thoughts flows a pondering stream. Its hard to understand myself, because of this love that is to dwell. I could only wish it was all just a dream. What reasons haunt the answer as to why my heart is swollen beyond its normal size. I try to remember though whats on the other side. Where I go I know im soon to realize. Everything happens for a reason yet for now I must let this fact slide. We all know everything is meant to be broken. Even as my heart is I still crawl forward. As it seems life repeats itself over and over again. Love is still love and a word is still just a word. Sooner or later these thoughts will be where they belong. This love will be loved too. I won't have to say so long. For once it will only be silence, because you know i'll say I love you.

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