Another Day Another Night

Another day I still wonder what its like. When I stare upon your face I grip my fingers tight to each hand. No feeling in this body has ever been felt alike. No, my legs are too heavy to stand.

Another night I fall asleep in my tears. Where in the morning I am to awake in the same lonesome sigh. But I'm not so quick to forget my fears. Being without you and you not here to wipe my tears away before they dry.

Another day I look at you, but this day with a smile. Your eyes are just too beautiful not to get lost in. Being lost though is worth the while, because when I'm lost in your eyes all of the world seems to slow and noting matters, but you and I know its only then.

Another night I lay alone in bed. With these tears rolling down my face. I feel lost without you, yet you're always in my head. I wonder if this is your only place.

Another day I hold you in my arms, yet another night thats just a part of my dream that I dream of you. Another day came just as any other day, but another night came with a prayer. I pray my heart doesn't break before daylight breaks through.

Another day I promise I'll try not to have anymore cries, but if I must go another night without your kiss I cannot promise I will awake when morning comes to these eyes.

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