This Revelation Remains

I look at you as a silhouette of my heart. I could never forget how you pull me togather. As my dreams are of my mind in part. You are the same to my heart. So you're never to sever. I think of you as blood in my vains. You are inseperable from me, because you are my vanity. You are the love that keeps my happiness in chains. Shackled, but hope to never be set free. The way I feel for you is inevitable. This feeling shall never come to cease. Like luck to push or a rope to pull. In the world of many its just a peice. I listen to you as if your words will always speak the true. Words so assuring I open my heart so vulnerable and wide. For I falter not in my trust in you. So my ears shall never hide. I touch upon you as I would the love of my life, because thats what you are. Not hesitant to say I wish to always taste your kiss. Like to see a twinkle in the brightest star. You are what creates my bliss. I've traversed into a tryst for two. Meeting to make our love a whole. I know, because I will always love you. Fear is only a toll. I fear, because I never want to see you go away. This revelation remains. So for once I kneel and pray. That you shall always be with me like blood in my vains.

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