Its All About You

Your existence is thankful, but I wish you wasn't born. Your touch is soft and gentle, but away from mine its torn. Your words are heart warming, but my ears are shut tight. Your lips are tempting, but my lips are of fright. Your beauty is great, but I try not to stare. Your love is the greatest, but I try not to compare. You're just too much for me to ever have in my life i've came to realize. Its, because im too afraid of ever losing you one day. I couldn't live without you once I have lived with you in these tear filled eyes. You will always be in my thoughts though, but you're fadeing just as these tears fall and disappear until you're gone completly one day. I just wished god hadn't made you so perfect, because then I wouldn't be afraid to ever lose you. You are perfect though so I cry until I die wishing it wasn't true.

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