This Is Just Me

Just from the cursed. I feel bout to burst. Explode into flames. Lowered by rains. Just a glass window. Cracking perfectly in row. Yet to shatter. Break from clatter. I destroy the sin. That was brought within. I push away. Feeling from decay. Rotting the thoughts inside. I run to hide. Taken from me. Not to see. The hurtful words said. My mind painfully bled. Death is life. Life cutting knife. Cut the wrong out. Yelling as I shout. Why oh why? Why must I? Why me I scream? I'm lost in dream. Set to suffer. It's just for. All me I say. Thought to beautifully lay. Dream so silently. Left to be. Nightmares never to come. Yet though I'm one. I'm the nightmare. I'm the scare. Faring away others far. Wishing upon a star. Come back please. I'm begging please! Don't yet go away. I beg you stay! I'm all alone. Just a stone. Set to stay here. Never made to tear. I cannot cry. Cannot ask why. This is just me. Open wide you'll see.

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