Look into my eyes and you will see the memories that have faded. Gone away it left me in my life so depressed and jaded. All the thoughtless acts of hurtful words that I had to hear. Words like I dont really love you and I dont really care. Why is it I am put through such pain and when all I do is love them? Am I wrong to show them emotion, because I feel I will never get past the rim. Im on the edge of getting what I want yet I just cant land a good shot. You would think I should get what I deserve, but fact is im not. All I ever get is a sore or broken heart from all the things I go through. It seems never to be what I want and I sometimes wonder if my dreams will ever come true. I am always dreaming of a life to where I am not hurt. A life filled with bliss insted of a life of me being pounded into the dirt. I feel as I cannot go any further in life, because over my eyes it has shaded. Blocked from my only true want behind the darkness I am nothing, but jaded.

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