Done With You

Here comes the pain. Slowly watch it regain. Its comming back. How do I react? Do I throw the thought away. Do I offer it to stay? I dunno what to do. Im standing here dazed and confused. Why cant you just go away and let me be. Walk on past by and dont even look at me. Cause when you do I stare back. Everytime that happens my mind loses track. Goes into another world of thought. Its all about you in a web its caught. Whats here to cut it loose. Dont know how to call it truce. To let go of the painful memories. How to stand up from falling to my knees. Do I let someone else take my hand? What if I was to on my own try to stand? Would I be stable enough to make it on my own? Would I feel like being single and staying alone? I really just want someone beside me, but I cant find that person. I thought it was you, but I guess that thought is over and done. Cause its not you so the question is who can it be now? Maybe this girl or maybe not and hell I dont even know exactly how. How im going to make it by all by myself. Guess I'll just reach up and take another book off the shelf. Read it until I read it all. Cram up my brain for it wont slow to a stall. Cause if it does all the pain will just come back and collide. Draining out any other thought of life until its all dried. All gone until theres nothing left, but the thought of you again. Then crumble it up into a ball of pain and throw it in the trash bin. Just where all the other thoughts are in life. Except this one you know what it holds and its holding strife. So you put it there for it can be dumped into all the other lost hopes and dreams. All the other broken hearts like it always seems. Seems to be like no one cares anymore. Care for what I ask its always the same thing being tore. Ripped to shreads, because they cant handle you like they used to. All the pain they feel is only what they think is true. Yeah it may not be you all the time, but fact is its someone. All I wonder is when all this shit going to be done. Im tired of holding the thought that keeps hurting me everytime I do. Well you know what. Fuck it im done with you.

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