Happily Ever After

Do you hear my heart as it beats so fast? Never slowing, because I finally see the real you at last. Always seen your face before, but never this way. I see you as the one for me and this is how I want it to stay. As long as I have known you I have always loved you. This though is a day I never knew. How when I look into your eyes and know your mine to keep. Feel like im on top of the world and my love for you is just as deep. Falling from the top of the world going down. The biggest smile on my face replacing any memory of a frown. I can compare just about anything to the way I feel. Like your face too beautiful to be real. You must be an angel or at least in my eyes. You are like my tissue to wipe the tears after my cries. For you I don't know how exactly to explain my feelings towards you. I could draw a picture, but it will be nothing compared to the picture my heart has drew. Its drawn up so many pages of you and I. Showing us together as we cry. Crying tears of joy and laughter. No ending drew though, because it knows we lived happily ever after.

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