Broken Glass

Broken glass drag across my arm. Broken glass cause me bodily harm. Broken glass make me bleed out all this pain. Broken glass use this blood to draw her name. Rusted nail stab me in my back. Rusted nail fade into my body from red to black. Rusted nail rust away into a dust of metal. Rusted nail tear apart this blackened rose pettle. Hurtful girl stay away from me. Hurtful girl back away for you I cannot see. Hurtful girl stay away from my broken heart. Hurtful girl why did you take me into the dark? Why did you take me there and leave me to be lost and alone? Why did you break my heart and turn my mind into a cold blackened, stone? You left me here and now I cry away whats left of my life in sorrow. Ive cried my last tear drop over you, because now my life shall never see a tomorrow. Death shall be the answer to all of my pain and death shall be my only friend. Death is calling out my name and now I tell you goodbye my love, this is the end.

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