Dead Skin

On the flesh on bone on this body of mine. Here lies my pain from neck to spine. My brain sending signals to say im hurt. Pulling back my hand in reaction as that is what I revert. Bleeding inside and clogging up to become a clot. My flesh hurts so and feels as if my heart is in a knot. Taken back the memories that I was once lost in. Peel this off my mind for all this is, is just dead skin. Skin so dead it fades into dust. Like nails in my back that bleeds till rust. Fadeing away like the shadow in the dark. Erasing the memory that once left a mark. Holding my own soul in my hands of blackened blue. On my arm it reads "pain no more" for that is what on it I drew. Drawn with a knife with an edge thats not fit to be. Bleeding down my arm drippin blood you can clearly see. It hurts not so much though as I say when. All this is, is just dead skin.

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