Glass Rose

This is for you to remind you of your life I give you a glass rose. I could have picked anyone to give this to, but its you I chose. In the past is a image full of fragile memories. Holding back on fear is my only thought of these. Broken not as they seem so cracked in existence. Ready to break from the smallest sign of its presence. Shatter them not for this is all I have left of them. Grown from a spore and died from the stem. This is only my glass rose I hold to think of you. Fragile with beauty ready to bust at any moment from lack of glue. I keep this glass rose though in the safest place of all. Its stuck in my heart and I shall not let it fall. Saftely locked away for only you to look at. Open my love and hold it if you must, but remember you must put it back.

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