These Faltered Choices With Time Standing Still

These tears burn through like acid in the dark. Fate shows im alone in the end as im picked apart.

Faltered inside this heart beats alone. But believe me ive tried, yet my love has been outgrown.

Choices ive made. Like being a person of seranade. Choosing was simple when I had thought of you, but it still has fallen. My heart and soul is outgrew.

With holes showing the light I can only stare. Happiness is merely an eyehole away. My tears have shown the way. My love for you is all I could bare.

Time and time again I cradled the thought of you as if I was testing what I knew I could not forget. Tested, but a fault still remains. My heart is empty without you in it.

Standing aside of this worlds creation. I am only one. Who am I to speak of pain as if my heart nears annilhation? There shall be none.

Still, yet not alive I feel without you its hard to live alone. And these tears still burn like stars through the night. So sad to know its myself that has been outgrown. One love, one desire, shining so bright.

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