Darkness & Fear

Darkness is part of fear when you cannot see and feel something is near. You shiver, because you are afraid when you quiver from the sound of a blade. You hear the screaming of small children in pain. Soon for you, you know it shall be the same. You smell the scent of rotting flesh in the air. You then relize as the scent grows stronger that it will soon be here. You cannot run away, because you cannot see. You then feel yourself as you start to bleed. You can find it hiding in the shadows of streets as you follow the sound of crunching upon human meats. Because of your curiousness of the sounds that you hear you travel closer when you already you are near. You then hear the sound of a blade again, but you also knew that is was over before it was to begin. Alot of people talk about there being rumors of you not dieing, because of him, but because of your fear, but you should have listened to what they said. Its, because now you scared yourself and now you are dead.

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