Sapphire Eyes

If I could kiss you right now how sweet do you think it would be? If I could hold you right now would you hold back on me? If I took your hand would you stand by my side? If I sat you in my car would you go for a ride? How much of this are you willing to try? Enough to relize it isnt a lie? There are so many things I wanna do with you. So many dreams I want to have and make them come true. Your eyes amaze me when I look into them. Like a bright sapphire gem. Shinning with its beauty so greatfully. Glareing into my eyes it warms me. With a face of an angel I could not think of you less. Being without you is my only kind of stress. Holding inside all I have are these thoughts of wanting. Seems as if god is looking at me and taunting. Knowing im far away from you he taunts me in my sadness. Fear me not for all this will ever be is a fake madness.

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