Things Like This

I stare into your eyes with them being so beautifully blue. I hold for you no lies for everything I say is so truthfully true. Beautiful you are I say when crying through with tears. I see our future in your eyes and how we will have so many years. Togather with you I cry not of hurt, but of missing you being gone away. Wherever you may be I cannot help, but to keep feeling this way. I say I love you over and over like it can never get old. Just like holding your hand, kissing your lips, or even remembering what you have told. Your warmth of love gives me an everlasting happiness. Thats why I love you so much, because I feel so good just by things like this. My heart for you beats one beat at a time. Skipping once or twice, because that was a beat you stole of mine. You are the key holder to my heart so do with it as you please, but I beg of you to never hurt me cause im on my knees. I will get on the ground if I have to show you how much I am stuck on you. I will jump off a bridge or even take a bullet anywhere on me if I have to. You may never know the love I have in my heart, but you may know that my love shall never for you fade apart. Fade from dark. Fade from black. No colors more to fade the mark. Nothing left it has to lack. You are my forgiving soul mate so honestly so. Take thy hand, because there is alot more to show.

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