Perfect As Bliss

This heart beats to feel your love. These eyes only see to stare at whats really there. For your beauty is like a white dove. Yet nothing to you could I really compare. When your face flashs in my mind I get butterflies floating around. When I hear your voice a smile forms on my face every time. Though you think you could withstand the sound. Its hard to hold it in though knowing you aren't mine. Where you stand I feel as if I am to get there I must crawl. Where you hold your hand out I feel as if I must ask to take it. In life I've only dreamed to love and in that love fall. Fall deeply and strongly, but for it all to seem just as its suppose to fit. Now if only I could fall into your arms then everything would be just as I could ever imagine it to be. Perfect as bliss as of an angel looking down upon the world so blue. To me though the world looks red, because its painted of the color of my heart for everyone to see. This is my love I hold for you.

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