My Jealous Heart

I never imagined to feel this way. My stomach feels like thin air. I want you to stay. I want you to care. This jealous heart is ripping me to peices. It can't stand to see you be apart from me. Yet it stops its jealousy whenever it pleases. I fear not soon that yet to be. I looked in the mirror hopeing to understand the reason it is. Why its lost in hurt almost to be broken. Its as if it will never have its bliss. Never less to hear the words I love you spoken. To be heard from my dieing ears. To be felt by my sore and lonely heart. In these eyes come tears. In this world comes dark. Where I feel alone and banished away from another loving soul. Im forced to be jealous of the every other who has found such a loving feeling. I just hope one day I'll feel the same and there will be no toll. For this heart of mine does no dealing.

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