Saving Grace


Sitting here alone, gazing out the window

Quiet to the eyes, restlessness in the soul.

War raging on, fight between right and wrong.

Sinking further and further from reality,

Needing my Saving Grace more than ever.



Putting on a show, acting like nothing is wrong,

Kills me more than knowing I'm struggling.

Using alcohol to numb the pain,

Trying to go back to normal, even for a short time.

In the end, my brain and heart both telling me,

That I need my Saving Grace more than ever.



Seeing you day to day, even for a fleeting moment,

Is enough to keep me floating, functioning like the rest.

Why? I can't give you an exact answer,

Because I don’t even know myself.

People begin to question me, noticing the slight changes,

Trying to act like they have solved the riddle.

But they don’t matter, as long as I have my Saving Grace.



Miles may separate us but our souls are together,

Keeping my demons at bay, the heaviness a little less.

I know you won't understand,

Hell, I don’t really know either.

But as long as you are here, I can live another day,

Function alongside society, as normal as can be.

Why should I go looking for the answer,

As long as you are my Saving Grace.