Nymphean Serenade

Satanic Serenades

Hair as black as night
Silky elegance
Face aglow with the light of the moon
Graceful as the tide


Topaz gems are gifts of nature
The richly vibrant earth and trees
And all of her sweet delights
The fullness of her symmetry
Melting in My hands


Deep burgundy or fire bright
Crown of flame ignites desire
Erubscent scintillation brings Autumnal joy
Favored season, lush, enchanting
Filled with manifold treats unfolding


Fairest maiden, snow and sand
Effervescent crystal waters
Overflowing life abundance
Dancing dark and light


Whether eyes of luna's incandescence
Or verdant as the forest's gleam
Or amber as the harvest bounty
Or nocturnal with the shadow's sheen
A delicacy to the senses
I gaze into opalescent treasures
Reflecting what behind there dreams


Words to deeds in passion's thrall
Whatever shade of temple's yearning
Crimson kiss, lustrous all
Blush with florid vibrancy
To savor founts of all persuasion
Partake of that which is beauty

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Succubi, nymphs, and maidens alike.