Dark Silence

Satanic Serenades

Listen to the wind
Feel the earth beneath you
Whispers in the air
Energy course up through your flesh
Deriving strength within, without
Entering your mind infernal
Gates of Hell open wide
Animated black flame

In the still, in the night
Ravens speak, then take flight
Feel the tone in your bones
Conjoined, what is, and is to be
Alive in all that is to see

Dark Silence, spreading forth
Ripples in the air
Meditate, materialize
The Daemon rises, conjured eyes
Perceive the path, The Will of Mine

Candle fire gently flickers
Incense taking shapes
Shades of brothers, sisters baneful
Appearing on the walls
To greet again in this darkened place

Words take form in reality
Whispers echo rumbling thunder
Desires come to be
By the Name, the Only One
Projection, reflection
Summoned unto Me
Kingdom Come, Kingdom Won
All is done and All is One

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Satanic Meditation. Reflections upon prevailing hellemental conditions stimulating psychological sensations.

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