Satan House


The Black House dwells ominous
Lakeside in The West
Overlooking Devil Lake
A portal to the nether realm
Opened with The Dragons breath

A maze of rooms, worlds created
Hellements of awe and wonder
Timeless dimensions, machinations
Made of Magic and Occult Science
Amazing sights and sounds

Experimental evolutions
Cast upon the earth
Stroboscopic reverberations
With spoken mighty words
The gong is sounded, chants compounded
Sealed with wax and mirth

Candles flicker, sigils gleam
Passions bursting at the seams
Here to form reality
Imaginations birth
In the shadow of the night

They call it "Satan House"
It's where The Devil lives!
Nine at midnight chimes
Darkened figures to and fro
Indulgences sublime!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Also referred to as The Devil House, & firmamented on a western hill amidst the wilderness (said to be the traditional direction of Hell where the sun sets), presides a Black House with roots festooned to The Abyss, casts its shadow across Devil Lake, the place where demons dwell. Locals quietly speak in whispers fearfully of the diabolical activities therein...

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