Black Lights


The night is silky black
Stars aglitter in opalescent tapestry
Mirrored on the water
The sounds of the nocturne commence
All manner of creature emerges
When all goes suddenly quiet...

Willow the wisp
Fog lingers on the lake
Black Lights from above
The stars begin to move
Dancing, floating on the surface

A shadow moves across the night
Blacker than black, without a sound
Penetrating vibration permeates
Molecular discombobulation
Inter-Dimensional disorientation
Then is now, and now is then

Black Lights glow, floating on the lake
Black Lights in the window
Black Lights in the sky and in your eyes
Who will be the next one it will take?
The Zzyzx Zone opens again...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Among the legends surrounding Devil Lake, are these mysterious lights seemingly dancing upon the black surface; "ball lightning", electro-plasmic orbs, "will o' the wisp", all converging when conditions are right. Other times, strange shapes hover among the trees and float above the water, with some reportedly taken by a force, only to emerge later with unexplained loss of time. Could inter-dimensional vortexes momentarily materialize to allow certain "things" into this world? While others seemingly disappear? Secret government projects?

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