Castle In The Mist {Palace of Divine Madness}


High up on a ridge
Cloaked in blindlight
A castle there is nestled
With a history of plight

White walls hold a mystery
Echoes of insanity
Four squares of madness
Sermons of mythology
Death-cult mentality

Crosses to the heavens
Cruci-fiction misery
Sacrificing sheeple minds
On altars of christinsanity

Fountains drip with holy blood
Stained-glass obscurity
Suffocating slavery
Choking on the wine

Ghouls of god seeking souls
To satisfy their morbid hunger
White plague of the living dead
Bringers of apocalypse

Skeletal savior
Mother of deceit
Arms outstretched, false purity
To prey upon the weak

Lambs pray... white wolves prey
In The Palace of Divine Madness
The Castle In The Mist
The nightmare in the dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On a hillside by the lake, surrounded in wilderness, partially hidden from sight, there is a castle in white, where a christian cult was founded, still resonating its sickly influence. A madwoman presided there, attracting those weak of mind and will. Desperate, dysfunctional wretches were drawn to it from around the world, a veritable asylum of the damned seeking "salvation" from their empty, miserable existence.

Now privately owned, & haunted with blindlight reverberation, its mysterious allure now catches the attention of the curious, to be witness to the madness of fundamentalism.

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