A Visit...

After midnight, in the dark
At Satan's Hollow watching
Rain falls softly by the twisted tree
Knock, knock, nine times
Echoes from The Noctvary
There's no one there... or is there?
A shadow in the window
Appearing from inside the room
Someone through the mirror comes
Shaking the house throughout
Check the night, still & quiet
I know 'He' was here
Answering My request
Where incense still lingers...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Earlier this night while at Satan's Hollow, a sudden series of slow, steady knocks sounded from The House. Interestingly, it was seemingly coming from inside the house, by a certain window, where there happens to be a mirror nearby. Upon inspection, all was still and quiet, undisturbed. No one at the door {there is a black metal screen before the door, and there is a doorbell}, & no one on the street. A confirmation of earlier 'doings'? Seems very likely. A very pleasing manifestation.

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