Moonlight Shadows


Dusk falls red to black on the horizon
Casting ghastly visions on the waters
A black mirror reflecting fears
Of all who gaze upon the twisted face
Luna rises, hovering skull haze

In the woods... by the lake...
There are chants... and blue flames...
The moon is full... stretching shades....
Glowing canyon.... Moonlight Shadows...
They have returned again...

What are these shadows
Floating through the trees
Moonlight Shadows in the fog
Phantoms in the dark
Secret symbols in the forest
Horns up to the sky
The scent of burning, bells are ringing
In the dead of night

Midnight strikes, heart beats faster
Nightmares come alive
In your head, wicked laughter
By your bed, a black form lingers
Staring with red eyes
Room  is spinning, body rising
Black sun on the lake

When Moonlight Shadows return again upon nocturnal tides
And evening gaunts wail eerily through the leaves
You better say your prayers, you better run and hide
The Moonlight Shadows shall be close nearby...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Legends of mysterious figures haunting the local canyons and mountain side after dark have been told of chanting, strange fire lights, beneath the moonlight and at certain times of the year. These shadowy forms have also been reportedly spotted near homes from time to time accompanied by a fearful sensation, knocking on doors, but when a resident deems to check, there is no one there...

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