The Lurker In The Lake


Leviathan of The Lake
Ancient serpent of the deep, black waters
Migrates from one to another
Subterranian grottos
"Lagunas De El Diablo"
Told by Indians & Spaniards
A creature of the watery abyss
Where "The Devil keeps His pet"...

The legend of a monster
Centuries of dread
An appetite for cattle
Amphibious in flight
Descends into the depths...

So once there was a battle
Impervious to lead
Instinctual preservation
Never more bloodshed

The Lurker In The Lake
Waits and watches in timeless fathoms below
Called by many names
Leviathan, Cthulhu, Kraken, Dragon, demon
Surfacing, submerging
Forever in the nightmares of the minds of men

Leviathan of The Lake
Arise again, we call you
Beast from the stygian depths
Labyrinthine leagues to Hell
A symmetry infernal
Serrated dorsal slice the surface of your aquatic Lair

The Lurker In The Lake
Still haunts the earthen caverns
Travels through the black earth, immortal
Return in secret to your kind
By night and fog, swim through the brine
Attend thee by this sign
The Lurker In The Lake is mine!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The creature watches and waits through the night and the day. None can tell exactly when it will surface. Only the legend serves as a warning to those who would dare venture upon its surface. Only a few have witnessed its fearsome symmetry, and vow to never to traverse the lake again. Every lake across the world seems to have its own denizen. Nessie, Ogopogo, Elsie, et al.

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