Black Skull

Satanic Serenades

Death Skull

The Black Skull there dwells hanging from up on high

Inspiring fear to whomever gazes upon it

It has always been, and wherever it has been

Some malady or death has occurred

Slowly eating away, consuming

Drawing life force from those it gazes upon

Some, their own fear hath preserved them from demise

Others perished despite resistance

All, save He whom it empowers

Gathering the day's collection to enhance His own black essence

Taking its place upon the twisted staff

Emitting a soft glow, his eyes aglow in kind

Phosphorescent, regeneration's prize

Tested, feasting, protecting, reflecting

Like a gargoyle facing out upon the world

Deflecting what is not of use

And otherwise absorbing, transforming, preserving, enhancing...

Its shadow looming larger

Magnified, reflective force

Immortal, omnipotent.

Vibrating deep

So it is replaced from where it may feed

Amidst the fog and rain and wind it speaks

Whispering upon the breeze

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Experimentation yields positive results.

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