Apotheosis Draconvm

Satanic Serenades

Black wings spread forth into the night

Return to Hell, empowered might

Reborn in darkest flame, the dragon rise

Stronger than strongest frame, eternal mind

Immortal constitution sealed in timeless rhyme

Traverse retroprogression by air, fire, earth, and brine

Reflect dimensions parallel to echo carnality sublime

Words and worlds conjured forth to materialize

Creation of reality unto a likened kind

A symbol of infinity, communing eye to eye

Nectars and ambrosias, forever realized

Omnipotent infusions, enhance and multiply

Mysteries in darkness, synthesis revitalized

Archetypal shadows, the daemons come to life!

Devilutions, Revolutions

Mind & Flesh, Alignment & Grace

Apotheosis Draconvm Satani

Possession of The Beast, Satanimal Divine

Pinnacle of pleasure's feast, Keys of Will and Passion

Incense and ashes, The Magic is unleashed!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on Dracmas, 2/1/XLV A.S. ∞

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