Blood on The Rocks {The Blood Stones}

Can you hear those devil drums

Pounding from the woods

Pulsing in your heart and veins

Trembling the ground

There on 360* Hill, a panoramic view

The ancient stones recall a past

From their crimson hue...

It is said that on these rocks

Were sacrifices lain

In honor to the elder gods

Before the Spaniards came

And some say still the beating skins

Echo to this age

With hoof beats, songs, and howling rage

A primal battle waged...

What dread deeds were then performed

In this accursed place

A topsy-turvy heresy

Duality's disgrace

The ebb and flow of innocence

Lamentation's rain

Rotten in their countenance

A history of fear...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Probably the most disturbing of these tales. There is a hilltop so named "360* Hill", wherein one may hike to see a panoramic view of Devil's Canyon. There are several large boulders and platforms in this area which are said to have been used for some type of 'sacrificial rites', and are still rumored to be sometimes used for this purpose. Phantom drums are also purportedly heard throughout the canyon, which usually preceeds the sightings of figures in the wilderness. Perhaps as a combination of imagination, urban legend,  and environmental impressions, their origins are said to range from the ghosts of local Indians to the 'souls' of children slaughtered at the turn of the 19th century by a questionable mysterious cult supposedly involving local officials of the time.

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