Workman's Ghost

The man is dressed in vintage clothing

His present is your past

All appears as it once was

From within his eyes...

The eerie gaze from yellowed pages

The photo come alive

Takes you into his creations

From once upon a time...

The old man takes you by the hand

Leads you through the tracks

Who is this man whom you just spoke to

Alive as you and I

This land where he has long since tread

And keeps on coming back...

Dare you see his true condition

Premature demise

His face aghast in deformation

From a shotgun blast...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mr. Workman, along with a partner, founded and developed much of the area surrounding Devil's  Canyon, whose name and influence can be seen throughout the nearby cities. Unfortunately, due to some questionable dealings in local political skull-duggery; and in the midst of  financial ruin, including a friend's land, he committed suicide from a deal gone wrong. He was left with Devil's Canyon, and is said to haunt the area. On a couple of occasions, a  mysterious 'old man' greatly resembling William Workman is seen around some ramshackle structures, and has even been rumored to have actually given veritable tours to unsuspecting land buyers, only to later discover that he had long since died.

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