Haunted Hill

Deep within canyon ravine

Dark Forces gather upon the secret place

Flowing from the portal's gate

Reversals of the common state...

...At Haunted Hill...

Up is down and down is up

A mad conundrum of the brain

Left is right, and right is wrong

The laws in flux, the insane sane

...At Haunted Hill...

Solve the riddle in the puzzle

Angles of madness known to some

Lies are truths and truths are lies

Everything you know is wrong

What you can't believe is real

Appears before your eyes

Is it a trick of the moon?

...At Haunted Hill...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Known as "Gravity Hill", this location is frequented by the curious who wish to experience the apparent reverse-gravity dynamic, wherein one's automobile actually begins coursing up-hill while placed in neutral.

One theory states that this is merely the odd lay of the land yielding an optical illusion.

Another more unconventional theory states that it is actually ghosts pushing the car up the hill to avoid a collision which happened many years ago.

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