The Gates of Hell.

Hidden in perpetual shade

'Neath darkened bramble, there lays the glade

Branches twisting, limb contortions

Forming rent bodies, faces, and shapes...

The ruined pillars athrust from creeping vines

Within the black of deepest night

The fear sensations grip your mind

You can feel the evil of this place...

Howling echoes around abound

They know exactly where you are

What be that upon the ground

An offering to whatever dwells within

What kind of creatures could they be

To make such an awful sound...

A moan, a gasp, the thickened air

Within the bush, there's something there

A demon hand strokes your hair

Whispers beckon, phantom winds

A calling to the thorny snare...

The Gates of Hell within your mind

The Gates of Hell before your eyes

A chill ascends upon your spine

The mystery awaits...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is a ruined gateway herein known as "The Gates of Hell", which is rumored to be the site of cult activity. Overgrown with thick foliage, there is a purported eerie sensation surrounding this area, and its nearby abandoned structures.

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