Phantom In The Darkness

Satanic Serenades

I Haunt this place...

In the darkness of night and the gloom of the day

Cold, quiet walls in spider webs decorated

Constricting, expanding across the world

A museum framed in darkened splendor

Past and present are at once

In timeless seasons endlessly cycling the eternal now

I Haunt this place...

Whatever ghosts were scared away

Replaced by devils' rising squall

Room to room, dimensions, signs

The strangest lights possess your mind

Nightmare orchestras of fear and bliss

Chanting forth from this Abyss

I Haunt this place...

I walk in shadows dressed in black

Footsteps quake the earth

To catch a glimpse of phantom's thrall

To make you gasp, to make you fall

In  passion's fright, pleasure and pain

Await in secret, the touch you crave

I Haunt this place...

The twisted tree lurches west

Moonlight filters in the fog

A swirling breeze, a gentle toning

Black reflections cast and forming

Grotesque shapes alive and growing

A mystery incarnate roaming

I Haunt this place...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Noctuary haunted by The Shadowmancer.

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