There's A Monster In The Bathroom!

Satanic Serenades

There's A Monster in the bathroom

I heard him last night

He's all big and hairy as he turns on the light

I lay in my bed with covers pulled tight

He groans and he growls

He must be a sight

His shadow, it grows up to my door

The floorboards are creeking

What is in store

The doorknob starts shaking to back and to forth

He's coming closer across the floor

I pull the covers up over my head

"Please Mr. Monster, do not make me dead!"

He switches the light on and what do I see?

My own loving Papa, looking at me

"Now, My little monster, what is the matter?

I did not mean to make such a clatter

I've only come to wish you goodnight

Not fill your dreams with fear or with fright"

With that he leans over and kisses my cheek

There was no reason to fret or to shriek

For I am a monster too, it would seem

And so as I nuzzle and go back to sleep

I wish you a merry and fun Halloween!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Halloween tale from the point of view of Infernal Progeny.

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