SATANIST-----Priest of Satan's carnal Truth!

Spawn of Daemonseed!

SATANIST-----Lucifer's Minister on Earth!

Creation in Darkness

SATANIST-----Evoking Forces feared by all!

Ruler of The Black Earth!

SATANIST-----Mighty Being standing tall!

Possessor of unbridalled Power!

Mystic childe of the Dark

Brethren of Satan's family

Gazing into Worlds unseen

Practice rites in Mystery

Blackened Soul, cast the flames

Treasures lurk in the Darkness

Whispers of Incantations.....

Speak the terrible Words of Power

Handed from the Elders

Ancient tradition, Satanism

Milleniums of kept spellbound books

Unseen by profane eyes.........

Sitting in the pews

Blood-red stained glass windows

Bells chiming, organ playing

Morbid symphony of death

In that dark & eerie place

Cathedral of Satanas

Stronghold to our race

Arctic chill bites the skin

Naked flesh on stone

The ritual will now begin.....

Come forth, beloved brothers

From the Pits of Hell

Phantom visions move about

Shaded creatures from the West

Accepting them as Our guests.........

Witching Hour draweth near

Twilight of the gods

Open the texts of shadow spell

Amidst the creeping fog

Ring of Nebalungen glow

In its Power surge

Let the darkest evil flow

And into your soul merge

Baphomet medallion strike

Benumbling minds to infamy

Deep within daemonic eyes

Lie Power & Insanity.........

Upraised hands, the Satanist speaks,

"Cursed art thou who are against Me.....

For you will die like the rest.....

I shall tear thine soul from your body!"

SATAN screams from the ebony Abyss,

"I grant you Power, My offspring, My Childe!"

We are the Satanists

We rule the earth

We are The Satanists

Proud of Our birth

We are The Satanists

Conquoring all

We are The Satanists

Enemies fall

We are The Satanists

Bow down to Us

We are The Satanists

In Lust We Trust

We are The Satanists

Cornu aloft

We are The Satanists

Your god has lost

We are The Satanists

Satan has won!

We are The Satanists

Darkness prevails on.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The true Child of Darkness, the personafication of Satan in one's diabolical awareness shall bring forth the infernal light of Lucifer's truth.

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