Gaze into Mine eyes

Take My cold hand

And We shall travel far

Unto Satan's Land..........


Flying on the wings of death

Across dimension unknown

Down the spiral cavern

Towards the Gates of Hell

Cerberus stands sentinel

Awaiting the arrival

Of all the fools who sought to refute

Satan's total Power

See the Gates' demonic face

Waiting there to greet you

Pillars made of human bones

In laid in blood-stained silver

Welcome to The Underworld.........


Through the Gates see the maze

Of desolate confusion

Look above & watch the demons

Laughing with delight

Blackened sulphur clouds

Streams of red screaming souls

Falling downward to the pits

Of everlasting torture

Infernal lightning strikes below

The winds of doom flow through your hair

Satanic beast's howls resound

Tearing at your ears.........


Cross the river Styx

And unto Acheron

Come unto the bridge

Over Phlegethon

Finally reaching Cocytus

Frozen lake of pain.........


The graves of the living dead

Are open & exhumed

Bloodmoon on the rising

Black Sorcerer conjures devils

Reciting words of spell...

Darkened witches dancing

'Round a brazen fire

Apparitions of flaming skulls

Appear within the blaze

Now tread upon the path of Darkness

Towards Satan's Throne.........


Escorted by nine demons

Travelling up the mountain

Towards a shadowy form

Dark as coal & cold as ice

Contorted figure bids you forward

To its hellish throne

Adorned in skulls & rubies

Piercing eyes, writhing tails

Ram-like horns, dragon wings

"Satan-Lucifer Am I!"

Go & tell the mortals

What you have seen........."


Beside Him, The Grim Reaper

Who holds the Book of Death

Recording souls & sending demons

Going forth to collect their due

Back now to the world of mortals

Through time & space we go

Echoing chants of evil verse

Providing us the way...

Back the way we came.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Travel into the bottomless pit, where your nightmares come alive and take you into dimensions unknown...

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