The Mail At Midnight

Satanic Serenades

They say The Devil rides out at Midnight

A lone shadow moving in the darkness

All in black, his coat, his cane and hat

If you see him coming, you best be out of the way

Don't look in hs fiery eyes, do not catch his gaze

Or soon you will feel your mind in a haze

The Devil checks the mail at Midnight

I saw him through the window there

Across the field and over the bridge

Into the woods and beyond the ridge

What kind of post would The Prince of Darkness receive?

I Am not sure, but I've seen a great many things

In all shapes and sizes

From records to books to statues to rings

The Devil checks the mail at midnight

There he goes walking in the fog and moonlight

It is such a sight, it is quite a fright

There he goes again amidst the howlings of the dogs

Nocturnal Constitutional of The Dark God

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Nocturnal Constitutional frequently results in the possession of certain obscure artifacts from the Hell-Post as part of the cycle of these invigorating outings, and the myriad pleasures they bring to compliment the Noctuary.

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