Satan's Hollow

Satanic Serenades

Nocturne arises, dusk has come

Starry lumanesence

Lucifer's face shines in the western sky

The nook awaits amidst the black twisted tree

Five chairs 'round the circle stand for thee

The horned skull there gazing into the night

Moonlight filters through the gnarled grasp

Quietude in darkened corner, course the breeze

The Shadowy form ignites the hellflame

The muse dances and echoes among the garden leaves

The sounds of creatures great and small

To prance about and feel the thrall

The scent of jasmine afloat in the crisp air

The eeriness increases there

Begins the world created afresh

Whispering thoughts inspiring haunted breath

The Noctuary there it dwells

A Gate of sin, a Gate of Hell

Herein, the daemons dwell

The bane of mortals, upon which it feeds

The black embrace devours the energy

Black soil calls forth unto the beast

With shimmering eyes He leads

The cauldron stirs with Belial's Brew

Embibed with infernal ecstasy

A nightmare to some, a dream to another

The phantom speaks the ancient number

'Neath clouds of blue, gray, and purple

And dawn is soon to being the slumber

The wings of night enfold for now

With shining star upon its brow

To rise again with the shades

In glory, in wisdom, and in strength

To birth the darkness of the glade

And Satan's Hollow returns eternal again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An Ode to this inspiring Natural environment as part of The Noctuary, which manifests the darkened muses by introspection and infernal meditation.

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