The Diary






Just before the stroke of sunrise

Entries in the forbidden archives

Another story for Me to tell

Annels of a Pure Satanic Mind.........

Do you have the fortitude

To gaze into a world of Horrors

Do you have the blackest heart

Legion Brother, do the honours

Morbid tales of Satan's terror

Exuding from those yellow pages

Speaking hellish words daemonic

Prepare thyself for possession.........


You do not know what you are doing

Take heed!

The Arts & Sciences of the Prince of Hell

Black Night

Before the dawn, it is the darkest


Bestow the mortals' glimpse of blackness.........

Reading by the candlelight

Fireplace burning bright

Curious for what you'll find

Storm lashes outside

You think you're safe inside

But noises often tease the mind

Seeing shadows move about

Figures stand in dark corners of the house

Who's that walking up the stairs

In your direction, ice-cold stare

Continue on the anecdote

But realize you are alone.........


Life's dedication, Magical scholar


Alchemy to Sorcery in diagrams of Blasphemy


Wear it about Me as a shroud of gnosis


Seeking more beyond dimensions.........

Many hours spent alone

Seeking more than what is known

By moonlight summon the Nameless Ones

To change the course of Nature

To gratify My Will

Many drops of blood were spilled

For reasons olde as time itself

Spread throughout the earth

Many dared the challenge

But perished in their persuit

What is this hidden teaching

That men have killed their brothers for

The thirst for domination

The Key to unlock Hell's Door

In it there? Is it in the.........


Driving force behind the vengeance


Mammoth form of Satan's rising


Prophesy of Doom fortelling


Fire reach to devour the heavens.........

Cherishing the nights

When Satan comes to Us

Infernal presence of the Norctuary Chambre

Invoked, The Baphomet

Ritual to renew the trust

At the Witching & Daemon Hours

From Fire, Satan arise!

From Water, Leviathan!

From the earth, Belial!

From the sky, descends


Yet before their birth in this age

They lived!

Forces of Darkness

Through & around Us

Manifest Themselves in Me.....& in you!

Go forth!

And forget not what is written here!

Here in the.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Diary reveals forbidden secrets untold, fiery words on paper manifest unto the physical world, from the third dimension unto the fourth, reflecting back unto materialization.

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