Embraced By Satan

Come into My world

A place of brutal terror

Creatures of the Darkness

Await in every corner

Shadows in My mind alive

Draining your soul essence

From behind My eyes

From which you cannot hide

Hear these words My friend

Listen & understand

Adhere to My plea

I shall soon see thee

On Hallowe'en

The Darkness shall increase

Glowing eyes of Baphomet

Consuming light within the void

Laughing at the righteousness

Of the weak xian fools

Casting lots for their souls

Slaves to the daemons.....

Forever more!

The dreaded evening is upon us

The wraith returns once again

Deep within the dimly lit room

Warlock summons it from the grave

"Do My bidding, I comand you!"

Binding words from hellish tongue

Fly forth, daemon, with devil's speed

Commit the will of dire deeds

But with the Power comes a price

Relay the ultimate sacrifice

Burn the waxen doll of pain

Once again, set the cross aflame

"I hate 'God'!" He yells

With the flames of Hell in His eyes

What have you done?!

Join us.....demonspawn.....legion in darkness.....

"The Devil works at Me. The Devil does not tire. He floats about Me like the air, impalpable. I breath him down. I feel My lungs aflame. Filling Me with desires, endless & culpable....."

----- Baudelaire

Tormented at night by visions so bright

Hovering above the silken coffin

All that is enchanted by day & by dusk

Comes unto Me by Magic attraction

Surrounded by Forces circling 'round

Laughing in ecstacy, Might newly found

At one with the Daemon Gods

Successful in the ultimate evil

Pinnacle of the Great Black Dragon's Knowledge

Contained within the blackest of souls

Majestic authority bestowed upon Me!

Grant Me Satan's fiery breath

And the evil one's gaze of death

Levitation carries Me high

Overshadowing the black world

With the wings of death!

Raising My twisted hands to the sky

"Satan is Lord as so Am I!"

Shaking the foundations of the earth!

Infernal King.....Black Lord.....Satan's Own.....

"Open The Gates, receive My children. Bow in honour to them. Into My arms, a lethal embrace. Angels of The Pit sing the hymn....."

"O Mighty Brother, Master of Night! Together We stand in Satanic Might! Cursed be the "holy" ones, sent to the void. We reign eternal, perpetual joy....."

Brothers & sisters of Left-Hand Path

Join Us in Power under His flag

Whilst others go blind & feel Lucifer's wrath

Let them all die in the bloodbath.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Daemon within beckons from The Dark Subconscious, offering undefiled wisdom to those brave enough to accept one's carnal nature in all of its dimensions. Accept and evolve. Deny and remain in mediocrity.

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