Black Noise

Into the wilderness, mystery bound

Several there go into the mist

With food and provisions, adventure found

Seeking the olde stony circle of round...

But what now pervading

Omnipresent sound

More felt than heard

From sky to ground...

A trinary figure blots out the stars

Blacker than night, come from afar

Vibrating bone, curdling blood

Invisible rebus, strangest of tone...

With no zephyr a-blowing, no Santana wind flowing

Forest so still, no creature a-stirring

As it has come, so it has gone

I bid you farewell, enigmatic one...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal experience of the omnipresent 'black sound' more felt that heard on a hike. Emmanating overhead, eventually surrounding the area. Black triangle  variation, perhaps a secret governmental project sometimes seen in isolated locations. A variation in stealth and/or drone technology.

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