The Dead Pool

Buried into the black earth

The pit emits a swirling fog

Waiting in deep darkness

For whom to trip and fall...

Some have deemed to play therein

Discovering the bones

Some others still have never left

A grave was made their home...

The beasts descend down from the hills

Partaking of this feast

A nip, a tug, a snarl, a piece

Claws and talons, jaws and beaks...

Candle wax, blood and ash

Feathers and burnt offerings

By the waning moon was cast

Whispers in the night...

The Pit calls out from the trails

With a howling moan

The Pit is deep and dark and cold

It will never let you go...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Here there are empty abandoned pools which were once part of long decayed structures, and have since filled with flora and fauna. Local skateboarders deemed to use the pools for thrills, until some were paved over. In their history, bodies have been found therein, as well as various animal bones said to have been used in Voodoo rites.

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