Satan's Tears

Satanic Serenades

The Black Flames toss about Me as so many flailing bodies

Possessed of anguish

Where is the joy that was in this darkened labyrinth?

There came one descending unto Me one fateful night

So enchanting was she, that I forsook what was

All that I had been, was captivated by this beauty I beheld that day in Hell

The dominion I held o'er the earth meant nothing in those times of fascination

What manner of dark angel is this that treads My dread Empire?

There was a new laughter bourne that day

One not heard to My ears, yet somehow familiar to My soul

She came unto My throne, repleat with grace & innocence

The solitude that had been was lifted from My winged back

A new warmth filled My heart, that was so cold

A Love culminated therein, granting solace To My lonely existence

In towers, in pits, in desolate dreams

An energy filled My bones anew

How I beamed in Luciferic light

How I felt Myself alive again

But only with Her presence, did I arise

Taking comfort in Her arms

Holding Her ever so tight

Never letting go what came to Me that night.........

On Blackened throne I reminisce

Tears fill My eyes awash

A pain has come again so deadly

I fear what will become of Me

As I watch the pillars fall about

I gaze into the darkened crystal

Visage of My Being

Horrors & Wonders swirl about

I Am everything, yet nothing at all

The shadows fade.........

Torment has been My reflection

Stabbing impalement since the inception

The weight of earth I carry with Me

But for a time I was happy

A tender flame burned with mine

Upon a torch sublime

Now I am defaced, cast down

Black Heaven trembles with My ebbing heart

A Kingdom once aflame with passion

Drowning in My desolation

My lonesome voice calling from the dark

Looking forth for trace or reason

The demons gnaw My flesh now.........

To & fro across the land

I cry again, but who understands

The sadness of a beast?

I move as a phantom in the gloom

Unto dimensions, room to room

Just to catch a glimpse

Of My Angel again

Sweetness pours from Her

I lower My horns awaiting Her

Enfold My wings, I brace the winds

My heart beats slowly now.........

Come away! Come away!

I scream in silence!

Come away! Come away!

Invoke My Dark Goddess!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Satanic Mythological & Metaphorical Evocation.

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